Practical and Technical.

Practical Commercial Real Estate training and education developed by industry veterans sharing their knowledge with organizations throughout the United States.
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Training and education for teams and individuals

Whether you are looking for commercial real estate education and training for yourself or a team, we can help. This curriculum was developed by active professionals for the purpose of training their own team. The program has continued to expand and grow and is now available to the whole industry.
Learn terms, processes, and industry standards

Develop your professional skills

Gain understanding and insight into the market forces and their impact on commercial real estate pricing

Understand the market

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Learn Foundations

New to the industry? We have courses designed to provide you a foundation of knowledge and a roadmap for future learning. 

Comprehensive education at your fingertips

  • 24/7 access to lectures, exercises and assignments.
  • Access to a national community of peers.
  • Real-world content and experience from practicing industry experts.
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Advance your knowledge

Experienced professional? Learn about new facets of the industry.  Courses in leasing, investment sales, property management, underwriting.  

20+ Years of Experience



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We will help you develop a plan to achieve your education goals

We help you achieve your training and educational goals by recommending courses, creating customized lesson plan and setting time frames and dates for your organization.
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We aim to improve and increase access to commercial real estate education. 

We provide online courses that prepare industry professionals for real world interactions by teaching terms, risks, and educating on market forces.
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Ready to start?

Our program has been making a difference in the careers of hundreds of professionals.  Let us help you achieve your goals.

Discover our courses

Behind the courses.

Meet the team behind the creation of

Bethany Babcock, MBA

Bethany Babcock has worked in property management, leasing and investment sales for nearly 20 years. She founded Foresite Real Estate in 2014 and later the CRE Launch Program which has trained hundreds of industry professionals.

Chad Knibbe, CCIM

With nearly fifteen years experience in commercial real estate, Chad Knibbe was a key player in the launching of Foresite in 2014 and later founded the investment sales division of Foresite Commercial Real Estate in 2018.

Alex Tatem

Alexandria Tatem joined Foresite as an Investment Sales Associate and was quickly promoted to include Head of Research as one of her roles in addition to sales. She has a talent for sourcing data and compiling information in challenging markets.


  • Foundations of Commercial Real Estate

    Demonstrate knowledge and competency of commercial real estate terms, market forces, and key players
    Students completing the 12 core courses and associated assignments will receive certificates to acknowledge their understanding of commercial real estate terms, market forces, and key players.

    The certification can be maintained each year by taking one additional continuing education course each year and mainting a monthly membership with commercial REsources.

What our students are saying

Edith Gonzales
Investment Sales Analyst at Northmarq Capital
"Having been part of Foresite’s Commercial Real Estate Training Program, I can say that this is an incredible opportunity to be mentored by industry leaders and veterans from Foresite Commercial Real Estate. Bethany, Chad, Alexandria, and the whole Foresite team were amazing to work with and were always willing to meet virtually one-on-one and provide insightful information for our course work. I’m grateful to have been part of Foresite’s 2020 Training Program, as I made so many connections and it led me to my current employment at NorthMarq!"
Kyle Bubela
Banking Professional at Jefferson Bank
"My career is in commercial lending and this is where the class really helped me become both more confident in talking to customers about development projects but also underwriting their projects."
Kate Silvas, CEdC
Economic Development Consultant at Verde
“Foresite’s CRE Launch Program was top-notch. As a professional economic developer, I had certain preconceived ideas of what this course would teach me. The program easily surpassed those expectations. I gained a deeper appreciation of the many facets of commercial real estate — from macro economics to micro economics, outstanding lectures from solid professionals and real world projects — I felt I came away with a lot more than I expected. I cannot speak more highly about this program. Thank you again for this remarkable opportunity.”

Students have gone on to enjoy careers at:

Frequently asked questions

Why do you say you are the second best commercial real estate training?

Because we believe the first best is shadowing a wise mentor for years. When that isn't available, or when the mentor just needs support, commercial resources steps in to support you in your education.

Who is behind this training?

We aren't academics, we are current commercial real estate professionals with decades of experience in what we teach.  This program was written and created by the team at Foresite Commercial Real Estate for their own property management and brokerage teams and is now available to everyone. 

Who are these courses designed for?

The courses are designed for anyone working in or with the commercial real estate industry.  They are not designed just for those involved in transactions but everyone needing more familiarity and technical knowledge of the industry.

Is this a sales coaching service for agents and brokers?

It is not.  We can recommend several such services, but this program is designed to provide technical training and education.

Who are these courses not for?

These courses are written for those entering the industry for the first time or looking to understand a new part of the industry. They are not designed for industry veterans with decades of experience in the course topic. However, many established professionals have enjoyed taking courses in new areas not a part of their specialty.
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